The Department of English Literature is one of the leading departments of the University with a rich history of excellence, quality teaching and research spanning over decades. The Department has always been committed to the symbiotic relationship of teaching, research and the larger concerns of society. The Department of English seeks to provide the diverse needs of its students by offering them the opportunity to read widely understand and enjoy what they read, and to express themselves both orally and in writing with ease, force and clarity. The English Department maintains its strong commitment to traditional areas of study, while also supporting groundbreaking research and teaching in new and interdisciplinary approaches to literary studies.

The Department of English caters for the needs of other departments related to English language, hence maintaining close ties with other departments. English Department teaches across the whole range of English literature and language studies. Our aim is to provide students with a stimulating environment in which to develop skills in all areas of English.

Career Prospects

Students on completing the BA (Hons) easily find jobs in the education sector and also in the fields of journalism and mass media. A large number of students find jobs as teachers in schools in the private sector. Those with a higher degree, such as MPhil, find placements in universities. A degree in English also proves useful to students desirous of joining the federal and provincial civil services.

Eligibility Criteria:

Student must have passed FA / F.Sc/ ICS / A level or equivalent (to be determined by the Equivalence Committee) from a recognized institution with at least 45% marks or 2nd division on the basis of the respective category of admission, excluding 20 marks of Hafiz-e-Quran. For the subjects of Engineering and Pharmacy etc., the minimum admission requirement is 1st division.


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG – 1104 English – I 3
ENG – 1204 English – II 3
ENG – 2104 English – III 3
ENG – 2204 English – IV 3


Year – 1
Semester – I
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG – 1102 Short Stories & Novels 3
Semester – II
ENG – 1201 Prose 3
Year – 2
Semester – III
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG – 2101 Introduction to Study of Literature 3
Semester – IV
ENG – 2201 Drama 3
ENG – 2202 Poetry and One Act Plays 3
Year – 3
Semester – V
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG – 3101 History of English Literature: Anglo Saxon to Modern 3
ENG – 3102 Drama: Classical to Restoration 3
ENG – 3103 Poetry: 14th to 18th Century 3
ENG – 3104 Novel: 18th and 19th Century 3
ENG – 3105 Introduction to Linguistics- I 3
Semester – VI
ENG – 3201 Prose 16th to 20th Century 3
ENG – 3202 Shakespeare 3
ENG – 3203 Literary Criticism: Classical to 18th Century 3
ENG – 3204 Introduction to Linguistics II 3
ENG – 3205 Pakistani Literature in English 3
Year – 4
Semester – VII
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG – 4101 Modern Drama 3
ENG – 4102 Linguistics and Literature 3
ENG – 4103 Literary Criticism: 19th and 20th Century 3
ENG – 4104 International Literature in English 3
ENG – 4105 English Language Skills 3
Semester – VIII
ENG – 4201 Poetry: 19th and 20th Century 3
ENG – 4202 American Literature 3
ENG – 4203 Modern Novel 3
ENG – 4204 Literary Theory 3
ENG – 4299 Dissertation 3