The mission statement of the department is to produce knowledgeable, self aware, thoughtful, responsible and well adjusted individuals who are responsive to the needs of rapidly changing social world. To achieve these objectives, the Department of Psychology LIST endeavors to enhance the understanding of students about social, environmental and cultural factors relevant to mental health and also enable them apply this knowledge in their own lives for better adjustment and learning.

Future Prospects:

Students who graduate with BSc (Hons) in Psychology have a number of job options. Their consumption in different fields is very quick. They can work at hospital as clinical psychologists and educational institutes as teachers. They are also hired by the Armed Forces of Pakistan, the Federal and the Punjab Public Service Commissions. Psychologists are also in demand at human rights’ organizations and NGOs.

Eligibility Criteria:

Student must have passed FA / F.Sc/ ICS / A level or equivalent (to be determined by the Equivalence Committee) from a recognized institution with at least 45% marks or 2nd division on the basis of the respective category of admission, excluding 20 marks of Hafiz-e-Quran. For the subjects of Engineering and Pharmacy etc., the minimum admission requirement is 1st division.

Year – 1
Semester – I
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY – 1101 Introduction to Psychology (F) 3
Semester – II
PSY – 1201 Theories of Personality (F) 3
Year – 2
Semester – III
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY – 2102 Principles of Learning (F) 3
Semester – IV
PSY – 2203 Sensation and Perception: Introduction  (F) 3
PSY – 3101 Neuroscience & Behavior  (F) 3
Year – 3
Semester – V
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY-2201 Cognitive Psychology (M) 3
PSY-2202 Social Psychology (F) 3
PSY-3102 Statistics in Psychology (M) 3
PSY-3102P Statistics in Psychology (SPSS) (M) 1
PSY-3103 Research Methods (F) 3
PSY-3105 Psychological Assessment (M) 3
PSY-3105P Psychological Assessment (M) 1
Semester – VI
PSY-3104 Abnormal Psychology (M) 3
PSY-3104P Abnormal Psychology (M) 1
PSY-4202 Positive Psychology (M) 3
PSY-3203 Developmental Psychology (M) 3
PSY-3203P Developmental Psychology (M) 1
PSY-4106 Organizational Behavior (M) 3
PSY-4201 Neuroscience & Psychopathology (M) 3
Year – 4 
Semester – VII
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY – 3204 Clinical Psychology  (M) 3
PSY – 4109 Culture and Gender Studies 3
Elective-I 3
Elective-II 3
PSY – 4299 Research Project  (M) 3
Semester – VIII
PSY – 4206 Educational Psychology in Practice (M) 3
PSY – 4103 Counseling Psychology (M) 3
Elective-III 3
Elective-IV 3
PSY – 4299 Research Project  (M) 3


  • 4 Credit Hours must include Lab Work/Practical
  • Total No. of Credit Hours (For Major) = 79
  • Total No. of Courses (For Major) = 24
  • In Year I & II the courses will only be of 3 Credit Hours but it can be divided as 2+1 if the course requires Lab Work/Practical
Elective Courses
Semester – VII
Module A for Elective-I & II
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY-4105 Forensic Psychology 3
PSY-4104 Psycholinguistics 3
PSY-4107 Health Psychology 3
PSY-4108 Qualitative Research 3
PSY-4110 Sports Psychology 3
PSY-4207 Human Resource Management 3
Semester – VIII
Module B for Elective- III & IV
PSY-3201 Experimental Design and Data Analysis 3
PSY-4203 Music Psychology 3
PSY-4204 Indigenous Perspective in Psychology 3
PSY-4205 Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Psychology  3
PSY-4208 School Psychology  3