Ethics Discipline

The Philosophy of learning at LISTis students focused. We want to groom them not only as professionals for the market but also as responsible citizens with sound ethical standards, contributing positively to the civil society at large. Every one at the institute is expected to respect the ideology of Pakistan, be loyal to the country and obey laws of the land. He/she is expected to respect each other in the community, particularly the elders and show tolerance in the day to day dealings. Freedom of expression and right to differ in a respectable way is also one of the corner-stones of our working environment. Dignity and honour of humanity as well as of institute need to be considered supreme.

LIST is open to all persons of either gender of whatever religion, faith, race, creed, colour, nationality or domicile, who are academically qualified for admission to the courses of study / programs, offered by the institute and no one is denied the privileges on discriminatory grounds. Although majority of the students are Muslims but respect for the convention of other religions and faith is equally maintained

At LIST the discipline is viewed as a tool to keep healthy atmosphere for effective working and learning and to shape up the individual to normal course of mindset/ behavior. It is not regarded merely a punishment to destroy the career of persons.

The Students are expected to study and follow “Discipline Rules and Regulations” of the Institute in a positive manner. These are distributed and explained on Orientation Day. Copy is also available at Students Affairs and Administration Departments for study.

We have a good system in place to resolve the discipline issues and record is also maintained. Formal inquiry is also conducted, whenever required.

The Institute also has a “Discipline Committee” headed by Pro-Rector (Admin), with one Head of Academic Department and Registrar as its members, to deal with cases of grave discipline concern. This committee works under general guidance of the Rector.

LIST Institute has an excellent system for resolving problems, grievances and requests of existing students and the alumni.

Every application is registered at Students Affairs Department (SAD). After preliminary scrutiny and ascertaining of facts, it is forwarded to the concerned Head of Department or Rector for decision and necessary action. Proper follow up is maintained till the genuine problems are solved. The applicants are kept informed by SAD on the progress of their applications.

We have practice of Class Representatives (CR) as well. They keep liaison with SAD on student’s common problems. Feedback Surveys are also conducted to improve services delivery.