Examination Policy

University examination fee shall be charged at the time of enrollment of each semester.

  • There shall be two mandatory examinations in each semester i.e. Mid Term and Final Term. Any student absent in the final examination shall be considered as a fail.

  • Assignment / Presentation and Mid-Term examination will be conducted by the college of 20% weightage and Final Term will be 80% weightage.

  • For the purpose of evaluation, one credit hour will carry 20 marks e.g., a four credit hours will carry 80 marks. These marks will be divided in accordance with the credits assigned to theory and practical (where applicable) for each course.

  • To pass a deficiency course a student is required to obtain at least “C” grade.

  • The following weightage shall be given to the examinations, home assignments, etc.

  • The scripts of each examination shall be discussed with the students.
  1. All tests and examinations shall take place on the premises specified by the Departmental Examination Committee.

  2. The schedule of tests and midterm/final examinations shall be notified by the Departmental Examination Committee at the beginning of the Semester or whenever these are announced by the Office of the Controller of Examinations.

  3. Students are responsible for checking the date time and location of their examinations from the given schedules.

  4. For all examinations, the students may be required to show their students ID cards or personal ID for verification purpose. Students, who are unable to present their ID cards, if required, may not be allowed to sit in the examination.

  5. Student must write the program title, subject title, course code (course title) and his/her registration number, signature clearly on the front page of their \ answer sheets.

  6. Provisional announcement of the result of a program will be made by the Controller of Examinations.

Undergraduate Program

1. After first Academic Year required CGPA is 1.75
2. After second Academic Year required CGPA is 2.00
3. After third Academic Year required CGPA is 2.25
4. After fourth Academic Year required CGPA is 2.50*

Master Degree Program

1. After first Academic Year required  CGPA is 2.00.

2. After second Academic Year required  CGPA is 2.50*

*A student, who obtains CGPA of 2.25 or more but less than 2.50 upon the completion of entire course work, may be allowed to repeat once two courses of the lowest grades (C & D) in order to improve the CGPA and to obtain the minimum of 2.50, failing which the student shall cease to be on he rolls provided that he/she has availed the maximum permissible repetition


Grade Point Average (GPA): This is a figure ranging from 0 to 4.00 (A=4.00) used as a performance indicator of a student in the semester concerned and is calculated as:

GPA = [Total weighted points of all courses taken in the semester concerned] / [Total number of credits enrolled for in the semester concerned]

Weighted Points = [Grade Points] x [the number of credits of the course concerned]

CGPA = [Total weighted points of all courses taken] / [Total number of credits enrolled for in all semesters]

Pass marks in a course are 40 percent both in theory and practical separately where practical is a part of a course (BS, MSc)

Within the framework of General Rules/Regulations for the award of a graduate or a postgraduate degree special/specific Rules may be applicable to certain degree programs. These rules may be issued by the University in order to ensure quality standards and performance of the candidates. General Regulations are included but not limited to:

Candidate will be awarded the relevant degree, provided that he /she has

  1. Undertaken a program of study for a period not less than the prescribed period of study given for that program.
  2. Completed the total credit hours of courses as stated in the regulations for that degree.
  3. Passed the prescribed examinations.
  4. Fulfilled minimum course work and lab work requirements.
  5. Qualified the comprehensive examination (where applicable)
  6. In case of thesis passed the Viva Voce and / any other mode of assessment prescribed by the University.
  1. The CGPA will be reported up to two decimals but for determination of merit position CPGA will be calculated up to four decimal. In case of a tie merit position will be determined on the basis of the weighted percentage marks obtained.
  2. All students obtaining CGPA of 4.0 will be declared on the Honours List.
  3. Compilation and notification of the results will be made by the Controller of Examinations.