The department of Civil Engineering Technology started offering BSc Civil Engineering Technology programme. The objective of the BSc Civil Engineering Technology program is to provide the students good understanding of civil engineering solutions in a global, societal and environmental context, in consistent with the principles of sustainable development. The programme will make the students capable of identifying, formulating and solving civil engineering problems that meet specified performance, cost, time, safety and other quality needs. BSc Civil Engineering Technology the programme emphasizes on industry standard and research based projects to enhance the students’ skills for becoming successful professionals in the field of Civil Engineering and Technology.

Eligibility Criteria:

Student must have passed FA / F.Sc/ ICS / A level or equivalent (to be determined by the Equivalence Committee) from a recognized institution with at least 50% marks on the basis of the respective category of admission, excluding 20 marks of Hafiz-e-Quran.

Semester 1MTH-321Mathematics -13(3-0)CSI-321Introduction to Computing Applications3(2-1)ENG-321Functional English3(3-0)CET-311Engineering Geology3(2-1)CET-312Mechanics of Materials4(3-1)CET-313Professional Ethics2(2-0)Semester 2CET-321Materials and Methods of Construction3(2-1)CET-322Fluid Mechanics3(2-1)CET-323Surveying3(2-1)ISL-321Islamic Studies / Ethics2(2-0)CET-324Technical Drawing3(1-2)CET-325Practical Field Training and Report Submission -12(0-2)EET-407Electronics -13(2-1)Semester 3STA-321Introduction to Statistical Theory3(3-0)ENG-322English Comprehension and Composition3(3-0)CET-411Surveying and Applications of GIS in Civil Technology4(2-2)CET-412Concrete Technology – I3(2-1)CET-413Structural Mechanics4(3-1)Semester 4CET-421Soil Mechanics3(2-1)CET-422Hydraulics Machinery3(2-1)CET-423Water Supply and Waste Water Management3(2-1)CET-424Quantity Surveying and Contract Document3(2-1)PST-321Pakistan Studies2(2-0)CET-425Practical Field Training and Report Submission -II2(0-2)Semester 5CET-511Soil Investigations4(3-1)CET-512Hydrology3(2-1)CET-513Bridge Technology4(3-1)CET-514Concrete Technology-II3(2-1)CET-515Engineering Economics3(3-0)Semester 6CET-521Environmental Management3(2-1)CET-522Introduction to Architecture and Town Planning3(3-0)CET-523Steel Structures4(3-1)CET-524Renewable Energy Sources3(2-1)CET-525Engineering Management3(3-0)Semester 7CET-628Seminar-I1(0-1)CET-632Internship-I10(0-10)CET-633Internship Report-I6(0-6)Semester 8
CET-629Seminar-II1(0-1)CET-634Internship-II10(0-10)CET-635Internship Report-II6(0-6)

Mr. Muhammad Hussain

HOD of Engineering Technology